We Buy Bankruptcy Auto Loans

We Buy These Non-Performing Auto Loans

  Bankruptcy - Charge-offs - Auto Deficency Loans  

Performing and Non Performing Accounts                          

Funding within 48 - 72 hours!

No minimum, No maximum number of accounts.

Documents Needed:

  • Pay history
  • Contract
  • Title/Lien Statement
  • Gap warranty if applicable
  • GPS

How the Program Works

  • One time purchase of bankruptcy accounts portfolio
  • On-going flow purchase of bankruptcy accounts
  • Purchase active chapter 13 secured and unsecured accounts
  • Chapter 7 accounts where collateral intent is to reaffirm or retain and pay

Benefits of Selling Accounts in Bankruptcy

  • Immediate cash proceeds / ability to make new performing loans
  • Eliminate exposure to high-risk borrowers
  • Reduce cost related to monitoring and collecting accounts in bankruptcy
  • Reduce legal and filing costs caused by dealing with the bankruptcy courts
  • No longer the risk of an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy
  • More efficient allocation of internal resources

We purchase the following types of portfolios:

1. Bankruptcy accounts

2. Consumer charge-off accounts

3. Auto deficiencies balances

4. Performing auto loans

5. Non-Performing auto loans

You can email the accounts to us on an Excel spreadsheet to:

Sell your Non-Performing Notes to us. We Absorb All The Risks! 

Get Funded In 3 Business Days! 

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