We Buy Auto Deficiencies & Buyer-Declined Loans

We Can Buy Auto Loans That Other Buyers 

Will Not Buy

These Loans Must Not Be Total Losses, Reposessed or out for Repossession

We Will Also Buy your Auto Deficiency Loans, Credit Card Debt, DDA (bank overdraft), Hospital Loans, Consumer Loans, Non Preforming Mortgages And 

We have the ability to Purchase Different Types of Debt Portfolios

Small or Large 

We will Buy

State or National

We Serve a Wide Range of Clientele

Credit Unions

Auto Dealers

Auto Financiers


And Others.

Our Company is Leading the Way in Debt Portfolio Purchases.

Experience You Can Trust

We have the experience and ability to purchase different types of Debt Portfolios, from Credit Card, Auto Deficiencies, Consumer Loans, DDA (bank overdraft), Judgments or Payday Loans.  We can purchase portfolios of all sizes, from face values of $100,000 and higher. With ever changing laws in the industry, we have the experience and compliance standards, financial institutions need, in order to transact in a safe and efficient manner. Please call us today to learn more at: (912) 354-6680.

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