Bankruptcy Accounts & 3-Day Funding Program

A Dallas-based firm specializing in the purchase of bankruptcy accounts in bulk and/or ongoing, periodic flow purchases. These services may be of interest to you. 

By selling your bankruptcy accounts, you can greatly reduce your legal and collection costs (not to mention eliminating the headache of monitoring a bankruptcy case), as well as infuse cash back into your business to focus on new growth opportunities. 

If you would like to learn more about the process and how you could further benefit from selling your bankruptcy accounts, please let us know when you’re available for a free, no-risk consultation.  If you are ready to see what we can offer for your accounts, we provide a safe and secure way for you to upload the file(s) to us for a free evaluation and offer within 24 - 48 hours.

We can certainly understand if you’ve got things under control, but we hope you’ll save our information in case you change your mind in the future, and would like to sell your bankruptcy and charge-off accounts to us.                                                                                          

We purchase the following types of portfolios:

1. Bankruptcy accounts

2. Consumer charge-off accounts

3. Auto deficiencies balances

4. Performing auto loans

5. Non-Performing auto loans

Sell your Non-Performing Notes to us. We Absorb All The Risks! 

Get Funded In 3 Business Days! 

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