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Are you an Auto Dealer, Bank, Credit Union or Finance Company that creates auto loans? Do you need CASH or inventory for your business or personal use? Discover New Programs in "Accounts Receivable Liquidation". Sell your notes to increase your CASH flow and reduce your risk exposure. Time is money, don't wait for your customers to pay you off. We can offer you financial flexibility to compete in today's auto industry. 

Conventional Purchase

Clean Titles Only

No Odometer discrepancies and odometer brands

No salvage, lemon, total or insurance, hail damage

***Will take frame and structural***

No buybacks (Can be same vehicle but different customer)

Max Mileage – 200,000

Max Payment – $700.00

Max Monthly Term – 72 months

Principal Balance – $1,000 to $28,000

Days past due – 20 days

Max vehicle age - 20 years

Vehicle Age at Maturity- 20 years

Min APR - 0%

Max APR- 28%

LTV – Should not exceed 350%

Maximum purchase price: 95 cents on the dollar © 2002-2023 All Rights Reserved. Office: 912-354-6680  Privacy Policy Terms