We Refinance MCAs To One Monthly Payment

If you received a Merchant Cash Advance and now have Buyer’s Remorse,

Here’s What We Can Do For You:

We Can refinance your Merchant Cash Advance to a monthly payment.

We Can reduce your total monthly payments into one monthly payment and save 60% to 90%+.

We Can pay off All MCAs at closing.

We Can give you cash at closing.

We Can pay off your business debt.

We Can refinance performing, modified or defaulted MCAs

into a 24 to 36-month term loan with ONE MONTHLY PAYMENT.

Consolidate Predatory Merchant Cash Advances / Business Debts

Into ONE Monthly Payment and Save 60 to 90%!

$2mm+ in annual top line revenue
Min. $150k in MCA balances
Accounts Receivable
Positive EBITDA

Pre-Qualification Documents

1) Current AR and AP report

2) 2020 Year-End Financials (P&L + Bal. Sheet)

3) Min. 6 Months of Bank Statements

4) MCA Debt Schedule

Contact me to get started. Or, you can complete the online application on the Lender’s Website, but you must have the Pre-Qualification Documents ready to be submitted before you submit your online application. This will prevent confusion and delay of the process.

Thank you for your time.

Stan Jones


Lender's Referral Partner

We are not refinancing in California at this time.    

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