Emergency Cash For Auto Dealerships

Attention Auto Dealers

 Do You Need Emergency Cash For Your Dealership        Right Now?  

 Get It In 72 Hours Risk Free!

 1. Just send us a portfolio of auto notes on an Excel   spreadsheet or in .csv format.

 2. We will review the notes, and select the ones that can be purchased for up to 60% of the principal balance at no risk to you. That is: No recourse, No Reserve and No Buy-Backs, No Maximum.

 3. Upon acceptance of our purchase offer, we can wire funds to your business account within 72 hours, even before the 1st car payment is due. That’s it!


   We Also Buy Bankruptcy Accounts 

 Our Bankruptcy Debt Purchase Program

Here’s how our bankruptcy  program works

- We will purchase your bankruptcy accounts portfolio- On-going flow purchase of bankrupt accounts- Purchase active chapter 13 secured and unsecured accounts and securedChapter 7 accounts where collateral intent is to reaffirm or retain and pay.

Benefits of selling your bankruptcy accounts

- Immediate cash proceeds / ability to make new performing loans- Eliminate exposure to high risk borrowers- Reduce cost related to monitoring and collecting accounts in bankruptcy- Reduce legal and filing costs caused by dealing with the bankruptcy courts- No longer the risk of an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy- More efficient allocation of internal resources
Funding in three days!

Contact me for additional information.


Stan Jones

BHPH Dealer Consultant
Phone: 912-354-6680

Please let us know your thoughts. We will be happy to get you started ASAP! Contact Us



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