Multi-Million Dollar Portfolios

We Buy Bulk Auto Loans Up To $50,000,000+

Bulk Portfolio Purchase Program

Provides a large capital infusion through the bulk purchase of in-house portfolios.

·       Competitive payout on remaining portfolio balance.

·       Minimal payment seasoning requirement - 60 days aged

·      Remaining term of loan must be 36 months or less

·      Gross balance with interest must be $15,000 or less

·      Accounts must be contractually current 

·     No vehicle or milage restrictions

·     Any year, make, model of vehicle  

Our goal is to get you funded in 7 - 14 days.


We have no limits to the portfolio

Timely Acquisition Process To Meet Your Needs

The Process:

24 - 48 Hours From Receipt of Data

Step 1: Company Receives Data File

Step 2: No-Obligation Portfolio Pricing

Step 3: Issuance and Acceptance of Bid Proposal

Step 4: Electronic or On-Site Due Diligence

Step 5: Closing and Funding


Flexibility The Company can tailor transactions to the needs of each seller, whether that be the types of accounts that are purchased, deal structure or ongoing servicing. The Company strives to be an innovative partner to deliver solutions that fit your needs.

Customer Service Always provide efficient, superior service to the Selling customer and the consumer.

Integrity The Company understands that honest communication and forthright execution on our promises is paramount to shared success. © 2002-2021 All Rights Reserved: 912-354-6680  Privacy Policy Terms 
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