Strip Purchase Program

         Cash Flow An Issue?

              Let us increase your cash flow with our Strip Purchase Program

            Sell 3, 6, 9 or 12-month payment streams for up-front cash

            Retain back-end account profitability

            Receive as much as 90% of the total payment interval

            We collect the note at no additional cost

       At the end of the Strip term, choose from these options:

              Sell another payment stream

            Sell the entire remaining contract to us

            Have us service the remaining term of the contract

            Have the contract returned to you

       We make it easy on you with these simple program guidelines:

             We prefer 30 days of aging but will work with fresh accounts

            Have a remaining maturity that is twice the interval term purchased

            Must have a consistent pay history with your dealership

           Advantages to You:

              Immediate cash for your receivables

            Maintain control of you customer and maintain higher profits on your portfolio

            Reduction in capital exposure on outstanding debt

            Reduction in servicing overhead costs

            Enhanced operating efficiency

            Concentrate on sales so you can sell more vehicles

            We can process weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments


       Advance Payment Program

             Minimal seasoning.

            Quick funding.

            • No aging requirements

      • Higher advance

            • Minimal seasoning

      • Quick funding

            • Can replace point of sale

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